Now Tobacco is Trying to Hide in Plain Sight

It can be hard to spot tobacco products these days. That's because a lot of smokeless tobacco, e-cigarette liquids and devices, and cigar products use bright colors, little tins, and shiny materials in their packaging. Many would fit right in with products you can find in the candy aisle at your neighborhood convenience store. That’s dangerous because products that are packaged like candy could give young people the wrong impression: that the addictive product inside is harmless.

Now parents have to prepare for an even more worrying packaging trend: tobacco products most people wouldn’t recognize at all.

Look-alike electronic smoking devices are gaining popularity, helping kids conceal their addiction with vapes disguised in sweatshirts and backpacks, or designed to look like highlighters, USB drives, smart watches, and other everyday objects. Easily purchased online, these products are often shipped to teens in plain packages that don’t hint at the danger inside.


What to Look For

  • Shiny cigar packaging that looks like candy.
  • E-cigarette "juices" covered in bright, attention-grabbing labels.
  • Snus containers that look like mint tins.
  • Disposable e-cigs that look like slim highlighters or high-tech cigarettes.
  • Flavor cartridges that look like USB flash drives.
  • Colorful dip tins that look like mints or gum.
  • Disposable electronic cigarettes that look like fashionable pens.
  • New clothing, bags, and accessories you don’t remember buying.
  • Unexplained online purchases or unexpected packages in the mail.


Help Missouri Adopt Comprehensive Tobacco Policies

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